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GLL Covid-19 Virus Updates

Updated:  7/31/2020 - 7:45am CDT

Grafton Little League Families –

In an effort to be fully transparent, we feel it is important to share that we were informed that a visitor to our Little League Complex from a neighboring community has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual visited our complex on 7/25 and 7/26 only as a spectator – not a player or coach – so exposure is limited. It is important to stress the fact that this individual did not contract COVID-19 from their visit to our complex. The six teams that played at the complex on 7/25 and 7/26 included one team from Grafton. All teams that played those days have already been notified of this situation.

Although post-game sanitizing of the hard surfaces at the complex is already routine for our league, we took the additional step of disinfecting all hard surfaces upon notification of the positive test. This includes but is not limited to porta potties, dugouts, bleachers, benches, field prep equipment, fence posts, storage boxes, and garbage drums. Additionally, we reached out to the health department and they remarked that we’ve “taken the appropriate steps regarding disinfection and notifying your little league community.”

Though our season is nearing its conclusion, it remains very important for all visitors, players, coaches, and umpires to follow our Infection Prevention and Responsible Spectator Plans. They are still posted on our website, and hard copies remain posted at our complex entrance.

We thank you in advance for your continued vigilance and wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness.


GLL Families:

The deadline to request a withdrawal from the 2020 season has passed. For those that did elect to withdraw due to our revised season schedule and/or because of COVID19 concerns, we understand and we hope to see you back next year. The logistics of distributing the refunds are being worked on; it will take a couple of weeks to finalize and assemble your unique refund package (uniforms, candy bars, Meijer card, and cash). Thanks for your patience as we get it all sorted out and please watch your email for future correspondence.

For the rest of the families still participating, GOOD NEWS!  The GLL Board is working very hard to juggle practice, game and field schedules; you will be contacted very soon regarding schedules and your RainedOut sign up info.

Grafton Little League is very happy and very proud to be one of the first clubs to restart their youth programs. Thank you for your patience!


Grafton Little League Members –

Thank you all for your patience this spring as we have worked to adjust our season plans around the ever-changing world.  We are excited to announce that our modified season plans have come into focus and we’re ready to share them with you.

Safety & Hygiene – Nothing is more important than the safety of our league members, and as such we have been working with Little League International and the WashOz Health Department to create a comprehensive plan.  We have developed an Infection Prevention Plan and a Responsible Spectator Plan for the 2020 season.  Grafton Little League will adhere to all state/county/local regulations associated with COVID-19, and will adapt as needed to any regulatory changes that may come up.  To limit group sizes, we will be utilizing a split-squad practice format for the pre-season (groups of 10 max), and will target a per-game attendance total of 50 (players, coaches, umps, and fans) until further notice.  We are also implementing a number of modified playing rules this year to further reduce exposure.

Season Schedules – GLL will operate a schedule that runs later into the summer with practice/game start, season end, and typical game days varying by division.  Teams will usually play 2 games per week.  This approach provides each division with a “normal” amount of games and was necessary based on field availability during this compressed season.  For our players aged 5 - 12, the first few games will be conducted as scrimmages due to the limited practice time available.  We are also pleased to announce that we will be hosting Sandlot Fun Days in the month of August – please see the hyperlink below for a preview of what this will look like and watch for details at a later date.  Barring any changes brought about by new local regulations, the rough framework for our season is as follows:


Practice Starts

Games Begin

Season Ends

Typical Game Days





M, T, W, Th

Rookies Baseball




F, Su, various weekdays

Minors Baseball




M, W

Majors Baseball




T, Th

Juniors Baseball





Seniors Baseball

Dates TBD - still coordinating with other communities

Rookies Softball





Minors Softball






You should expect to see practice schedules for your team in about a week and game schedules shortly thereafter.

Player Withdrawals & Refunds – We recognize that some families may no longer wish to participate this season.  GLL has adopted a refund policy that takes into account our fixed/sunk costs, the minimum operational costs for the league, the costs that we have already incurred on behalf of players (uniforms, hat, insurance), and the volunteer and fundraising fees that were paid at time of registration.  The total value of the refunds are ~70% of total registration cost by division when all components of the refund are aggregated.  Details include:

  • Fundraiser Candy Bars will be distributed to those that have not yet picked theirs up.  The value of the box is $60 and they are yours to sell or keep.  For T-ballers, an equivalent $20 fundraising item will be distributed.
  • Volunteer Fee of $50 (where applicable by division) will be refunded in full via a Meijer gift card.
  • Uniforms and Hats are already purchased and will be distributed.
  • Cash Return will make up the balance of the refund, equal to registration fees paid less the minimum fixed and sunk costs incurred by GLL.


If you would like to withdraw your child(ren) from Grafton Little League for this season, please reply back to me by no later than Sunday 5/17 @ 10pm.

We look forward to starting our season and are excited to be able to deliver safe and fun experiences for you and your childrenIf you have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself or any board member.


Greg Schaefer

President – Grafton Little League


The GLL Board met for almost three hours Tues, May 12 to continue planning our 2020 season.

GLL, along with every other organization on the planet, is trying our best to put a safe plan in place that makes sense, to say the least it has been a moving target.  In addition to the moving COVID target, GLL has 8 divisions that have different schedules with different age players in each, a plan that works for one division does not work for all.

We ask for your continued patience as we attempt to move forward with a modified season while also providing a refund option for players who either can’t, or no longer willing to play.  We hope to finalize and publish our plans by this weekend.

GLL Board


GLL Families –

With the announcement that the WI Safer at Home order has been extended through May 26th, we want to provide an update on the status of the 2020 Grafton Little League season. Per the executive order, there can be no GLL activities until at least 5/26.

Like many of you, we miss baseball and softball and want nothing more than to be out there playing and watching our kids enjoy the game. We remain hopeful that some form of a Little League season will occur and are working towards that goal. Realistically – this will not be a traditional summer of ball.

The current priority for our Board of Directors is to develop alternatives for the 2020 season. Partial season schedules, full seasons extended through July, and other creative concepts are among the ideas being modeled at this time. We are also keeping the physical and financial health of both our league and league members in clear sight as we detail out these options. You can expect additional communication from us in the upcoming weeks.

In the time being we encourage you to practice with your Little Leaguer as much as possible, so when we are able to return to the fields, they are already in mid-season form! If you are looking for some drills at home, please visit the Little League University site for instructional videos.

We are thankful that your family is a part of our program, and we wish you all good health and strong spirits during this time.

Greg Schaefer
President - Grafton Little League


To our GLL Families:

During this time of uncertainty for all of us regarding our jobs, families, school, etc., we realize that what is happening with the Grafton Little League season is not high on the list of your concerns but we did want to pass along some updates.

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Little League International initially advised all their affiliated leagues to postpone league activities until April 6; they later revised that date to be May 11.  With the May 11 date in mind, the Grafton Little League Board met on 3/22/2020 to review and revise our plans for the season.  Highlights include:

  • At this time, we are not looking to cancel our season.  In fact, we are working diligently on just the opposite.  
  • We will comply with all state, local, school district, and Little League International guidance related to COVID-19.  
  • As such, we will not hold any events (practices/games, meetings, clinics, etc.) prior to 5/11 – unless they can be completed virtually.
  • Our goal is to continue season preparations so that Grafton Little League can be one of the first “back to normal” events that our local families can enjoy!


GLL will do everything we can within reason to try and provide a full season of games; practices for the older leagues likely will be reduced and game schedules may need to be compacted.  Because the younger leagues start later, there may be no impact to them.  All of this is subject to change though if Little League International again extends the date we can start.

We are not ready to publish exact dates for anything yet because everything is still very fluid.  Please check back at this web location for updates, all new news regarding our season dates will be published here.


Greg Schaefer
Grafton Little League President

Little League International has recommend that their affiliated Little Leagues exercise an abundance of caution and implement a temporary suspension of all league activities until no earlier than May 11.  Here is a LINK to their site with more information.

The schedule for all GLL events is either modified, delayed or canceled until this entire situation plays itself out.  Do not hesitate to reach out to your team manager or any of the GLL Board Members if you have questions.

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